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Learn to Skate Programs

It's nearing the end of bouting season for Atlantic Canada right now.  This means that many leagues will be shifting their focus to intake and recruitment.  If you have been interested in roller derby NOW is your chance to get involved!

I have compiled a list of the leagues in Atlantic Canada, any open house/info night event details, and contact information for the league.  Unsure if there is a league in your area?  Check out our League Directory page for more details. 
Each league does their learn to skate process differently.  Some do a 3 month graduated program, some host weekend skills camps, some intakes are ongoing and some only accept skaters up until a certain point in the program.  Please contact each individual league to find out how to get involved. 

If you run a learn to skate program you should take a look at our blog post on recruiting and retaining new skaters!
***Updated August 24, 2019****

New Brunswick
Fredericton | Moncton | Saint John

St John's

New Brunswick


Capital City Rollers

Email: frederictoncapitalcityrollers@gmail.com
Event: 2019 events to be announced
Website: capitalcityrollers.ca

Fredericton Junior Roller Derby

Email: frederictonjuniorrollerderby@gmail.com
Event: September 12 and 16th
Website: facebook.com/pg/FrederictonJuniorRollerDerby


Muddy River Rollers

Event: Open houses - Sept 22nd and Oct 6th
Website: muddyriverrollers.com

Muddy River Junior Rollers
Email: mrrjdirector@gmail.com
Event: Open skate and registration August 20
Website: muddyriverrollers.com

Saint John 

Fog City Rollers

Email: info@fogcityrollers.com
Event: Learn to skate summer session August 15, August 22
Website: fogcityrollers.com

  Saint John Junior Roller Derby

Email: sjjuniorrollerderby@gmail.com
Event: Learn to Derby July 28, August 4
Website: facebook.com/saintjohnjuniorrollerderby


Nova Scotia


Anchor City Rollers

Email: acrc.learntoskate@gmail.com
Event: Skate the Oval with ACR August 20
Skate the Oval with ACR September 2
Learn to skate open house September 8
Website: anchorcityrollers.com

Electric WhEels Junior Rollers

Email: acrc.juniorderby@gmail.com
Event: Practices held every Sunday in Spryfield, 1-2:30pm starting in September.  Contact league for more information.
Website: facebook.com/AnchorCityJuniorRollers


Riptide Rollers Association

Email: riptide.rollers@gmail.com
Event: 2019 events to be announced
Website: riptiderollers.ca

New Glasgow

Highland District Derby

Email: hddolls@hotmail.com
Event: Trenton Rink open house September 3rd 6:30-8:30pm.  Adult and junior rollers.
Website: kickinvixens.com


Tar City Rollers

Email: capebretonrollerdery@gmail.com
Events: 2019 events to be announced
Website: www.cbrollerderby.ca


Cape Breton Junior Roller Derby

Email: capebretonjrrollerderby@hotmail.com
Event: 2019 events to be announced
Website: facebook.com/cbjrderby


Avon River Rollers

Email: avonriverrollers@gmail.com
Event: ARR Open Houses - Sept 23rd and 26th
Website: facebook.com/avonriverrollers


Tri County Roller Derby

Email: tricountyrollerderby@gmail.com
Event: 2019 events to be announced
Website: www.facebook.com/TalkDerbyAllDayLong



St John's

709 Roller Derby

Email: recruitment@709rollerderby.com
Event: Currently in session, next session to start early 2020
Website: https://www.facebook.com/709rollerderby/


709 Junior Derby

Email: junior@709rollerderby.com
Event: 2019 events to be announced
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/709juniorderby


Prince Edward Island


Bootleg City Roller Derby

Email: info@bootlegcityrollerderby.com
Event: 2019 events to be announced
Website: bootlegcityrollerderby.com


Wharf City Rollers

Email: wharfcityrollers@gmail.com
Event: Twisted Sisters Open house August 20
Website: wharfcityrollers.com


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