Skating 101 - Stance, Stride, Stopping and Falling

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Skating 101 - Stance, Stride, Stopping and Falling

Skating 101:Stance, stride, stopping and falling


Your source of power is your stance!  This is how you remain strong on your feet and
are able to react to things. Get your feet shoulder width apart and sit into a squat.  Keep your weight evenly distributed in your skates


  • Bend your knees
  • Sit your butt down
  • Get low!


  • Leaning too far forward
  • Having too much weight in your heels (causing you to fall on your bum)




This is how you will propel yourself forward. The movement is all about shifting
weight from one foot to the other.  Get into your power stance. Have your feet in a “V” shape with your heels together.
 Put your weight into your right foot and push off with your left.  Then put your weight in your right foot and push off with your left.  Let yourself glide in between strides. 

This works better if you push out to the sides, and not behind you.





There are a couple of ways to stop on roller skates.  We we look at two ways, the plow stop and the t-stop

Plow Stop

This is very similar to a skier’s stop.  Let your feet spread out a little more than shoulder width
Sit lower into your squat and push out with your legs on the edges of your inside wheels.  Pushing with your outside wheels will not stop you and can cause injury to your ankles!


This move is all about balance.  Start out by gliding on one foot.  To do this you need to have all your weight in the foot you are gliding on.  

Have the other foot come behind perpendicular to your gliding foot, making a “T” shape.  Let that foot touch down with the outside wheels. Gradually put more weight into your back foot until you come to a stop.  

With this stop your inside wheels will not help you come to a stop!


Everybody will fall at some point when skating.  It is important to practice the right ways to fall so that you avoid injury.  Being low in your stance means you will have a smaller distance to fall and a lower centre of gravity.  All your protective gear is in front of you.  If you are going to take a tumble you want to land on your kneepads and/or wristguards.  It is never fun to land backwards onto your bum!




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