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It's nearing the end of bouting season for Atlantic Canada right now.  This means that many leagues will be shifting their focus to intake and recruitment.  If you have been interested in roller derby NOW is your chance to get involved!I have compiled a list of the leagues in Atlantic Canada, any open house/info night event details, and contact information for the league.  Unsure if there is a league in your area?  Check out our League Directory page for more details.  Each league does their learn to skate process differently.  Some do a 3 month graduated program, some host weekend skills camps, some intakes are...

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Skating 101:Stance, stride, stopping and falling Stance Your source of power is your stance!  This is how you remain strong on your feet and are able to react to things. Get your feet shoulder width apart and sit into a squat.  Keep your weight evenly distributed in your skates Do Bend your knees Sit your butt down Get low! Avoid Leaning too far forward Having too much weight in your heels (causing you to fall on your bum)     Stride This is how you will propel yourself forward. The movement is all about shifting weight from one foot to...

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