Zombie Max 62mm x 42mm

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Designed in-house and manufactured using state of the art machining technology. What makes this different from other aluminium cores? The Zombie core is machined from a solid billet of aluminium, using the same manufacturing processes as we use to make our famous Power Trac racing plates. This increases strength and allows us to machine the hub to a tighter tolerance than any other hub on the market. Creating the perfect fit between bearing and inner core. Cores are then treated with a special anodizing process to increase hub durability and urethane bonding. This technology is unique to the Zombie wheel line.
Zombie Hardness:

89A (purple)
92A (black)
95A (red)
98A (green)

Available in:
Max - 62mm x 42mm Full-width wheel designed for maximum grip and stability

Mid - 62mm x 38mm Slimmer width for increased lateral response

Low - 59mm x 38mm Smaller outer diameter and slimmer width wheels provide instant acceleration and increased lateral response