About Us

Coffin Skate Shop was started in the spring of 2017 with the aim to expand the quad skating community within the Maritimes.

Our Coffin Skate team is made up of Stephanie Coffin (Founder & Co-Owner) James Parker (Master Craftsman & Co-Owner) Sam Beeley (Marketing/Design & Co-Owner) and Frances Parker (Store Manager & Co-Owner)

We are located at 2456 Agricola Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia offering all your skating gear and apparel needs!

Our current hours are Tuesday - Friday: 12pm - 6pm and Saturdays: 11am - 5pm or by appointment! Email info@coffinskate.com for questions and to request appointments. 


Having joined the fresh meat program as a skater with Anchor City Rollers in 2012, Stephanie has since picked up new roles within the league. In 2016 she joined the board of directors for the league as the Director of new skater training. Stephanie also joined the Nova Scotia refs group and helps to officiate roller derby bouts within the Maritimes. When not on the track she can be found shredding it up in the skatepark with some fellow Chicks in Bowls. Her passion is spreading the love of quad skating and helping people learn some new skills!



Growing up as an inline skater made it an easy transition to quad skates for James. He joined Anchor City Rollers' learn to skate program in the summer of 2016 and picked it up super quick. He joined the Nova Scotia refs group shortly after and began to travel with Stephanie to officiate roller derby games around the Maritimes. As they traveled they also hit up many skateparks. James showed quick mastery of fancy transition skills and backward skating. He then became a trainer for the learn to skate program in January 2017. He can often be found spinning on his toe stops and busting out some funky moves to the music.