Bethany AKA Magic the Smashening




She/Her or They/Them

Years Skating:

Three years.

Skate Goals:

Keep rolling into situations that scare me! And working on jumping - ugh, jumping.

Skate Set Up:

Bont Parkstar boots, Suregrip Avenger plates, Moxi Fundae wheels, Wildbones sliders, and Gumball toestops.

How I Got Into Skating:

I work with youth, and had taken some teens on an outing to watch an ACR bout in June 2018, and I fell in love with derby!

Best Skating Memory:

After watching WFTDA Champs in Montreal, a few of
us went to le Taz skate park, and I'm so glad we had the experience!

What do you do other than skating:

I work full-time, I'm in full-time
university classes, and I have three kids, who are pretty great. I'm
also a self-identified crazy cat lady and an MtG player.