Courtney aka Peggy Thrill 




Years Skating:

Since the beginning of 2018

Skating Style:


Favourite Skate Moves:

Dropping into a bowl makes me feel badass

Skate Goals:

Hitting that coping!!

Skate Set Up:

Riedell Blue Streaks with Sure Grip Avanti Magnesium plates and Moxi Fundae wheels. We have heart shape toestops on order though and I'm PUMPED.

How I Got Into Skating:

I joined derby because a close friend of mine was in it, and eventually answered the call of the skatepark. I just want to skate as much as possible

Best Skating Memory:

There are so many! Probably recently when I did my first drop-in in Chester. I felt like the coolest cat that day. 

What do you do other than skating:

I make costumes/cosplay 


I'm also a referee for Derby, my ref name is Scrim Chi