Jewlz aka Block’N’Deck’Her 





Years Skating:

8ish years on and off.

Skating Style:

I’ve mostly played as a blocker in roller derby but love to trail skate and I’m itching to learn some tricks at the skatepark.

Favourite Skate Moves:

Well ... in derby ... I can’t lie.. an old fashioned opener to the chest. I don’t really have a favourite move but appreciate footwork and agility work the most.

Skate Goals:

To play one full WFTDA season as a Halifax Harbour Grudge.

Skate Set Up:

Antik AR1 boots on Sure Grip Avenger plates with old school diamond wheels.

How I Got Into Skating:

Well I was looking for something and started to look into boxing, then someone at work told me their partner was doing this thing I should check out. It was a skate demo and the moment I saw them skate full contact I was hooked. It’s been a huge part of my life since.

Best Skating Memory:

There are so many.... first Anchor City league trip to the beast of the east tournament in Montreal .... playing in Beast of The East and last year with the Halifax Harbour Grudges.

What do you do other than skating:

I love to be active, run, gym, sing but most of all I LOVE TO DANCE !!!!


I’ve ran and finished the 2016 Boston Marathon

I have a gold tooth from South America

I love cats and I love to eat food in bed, especially sour candy !!