Katie aka Boa Constrict-Her





Years Skating:


Skating Style:

Roller Derby and vert/street skating

Favourite Skate Moves:

half cab stall, tabernacle, 180’s off/on everything!!

Skate Goals:

360 out of a bank or off a ledge, wall ride, slides/grinds, to provide a safe space for everyone to be an escape outlet for when things get tough, and to spread the stoke, and quad skate love of course! 

Skate Set Up:

Moxi Lollies, Powerdyne Thrust plates, Sure Grip Park Series Trucks, CIB park wheels, and  CIB Slide Blocks 

How I Got Into Skating:

A friend of mine was joining the fresh meat program in my area and I decided to join with her! Roller Derby was something I always wanted to try but assumed it was a myth and wasn’t around anymore. Little did I know.... 

Best Skating Memory:

Too many to name! I always have the best time skating my friends mini pipe. I was able to learn new tricks on it over the winter which helped my confidence in the bowl! And our skate nights usually end with music, games, food and beer! What more could I ask for!?

What do you do other than skating:

Other than skating you can find me on my couch watching The Simpsons and procrastinating, going to as many concerts as I can afford, drawing, learning to play guitar, snuggling the kitties or tending to my other creatures.


I’m a full time nurse at a hospital trying my best to survive through these crazy times. I have never been to Nova Scotia but have lots family in Newfoundland. My husband and I have a goal of visiting all the provinces in Canada. We have seen out west, now it’s time to go east!