Years Skating:

2 years

Skating Style:


Favourite Skate Moves:

360 and spinning on toe stops!

Skate Goals:

More big bad rails and to land a backflip

Skate Set Up:

Moxi Jack Boots, Sunlight Plates, Fundae Wheels and CIB Slide Blocks 

How I Got Into Skating:

I remember watching an Estrogen skate video, and quickly after that I bought my first pair of roller skates. I then proceed not to practice at all and tried to do a backflip within the first week. Needless to say, I did not land it and tore a muscle in my ankle, using a Swiffer and a broom as crutches for three weeks in my tiny apartment. I then tried a 2nd time to learn how to skate a couple of years later and somewhat succeeded?????

Best Skating Memory:

Road tripping to California to find the best skate Parks with my best pal Pippy and especially meeting all our homies at Burnside (Portland). Also, skating Lincoln City was everything I could dream of and more.  

What do you do other than skating:

I work as an addiction counsellor, in downtown East Side Vancouver. Also very into plants, and Studying Herbal Medicine. 


I used to build rifle scopes (the sight on top of a rifle that helps aim a gun),

I also own a great skate dog named Meka!