Years Skating:

6mos on wheels, 27yrs on figure skates

Skating Style:

Figure skating / general flailing

Favourite Skate Moves:

Cartwheels, backwalkovers, 2-foot spins & single flip jumps (figure skating move - not as impressive as it sounds)

Skate Goals:

1-foot spins. Maybe show up in public

Skate Set Up:

Reactor Fuse plates, Pink Energy wheels & Riedell figure skating boots

How I Got Into Skating:

Figure skating?! I remember being dressed up as a Hamburger on skates as a small child. Not sure how any of it happened actually. The wheels got put on to compensate for lack of ice time.

Best Skating Memory:

...definitely not the Hamburger show.

What do you do other than skating:

I'm the president of the Kinesiology Association of NS (KANS), I have an unhealthy obsession with campfires, and I ride my little xt250 on nice days.


I've never seen that Tiger King show