Years Skating:

6mos on wheels, 27yrs on figure skates

Skating Style:

Figure skating / general flailing

Favourite Skate Moves:

Cartwheels, backwalkovers, 2-foot spins & single flip jumps (figure skating move - not as impressive as it sounds)

Skate Goals:

1-foot spins. Maybe show up in public

Skate Set Up:

Reactor Fuse plates, Pink Energy wheels & Riedell figure skating boots

How I Got Into Skating:

Figure skating?! I remember being dressed up as a Hamburger on skates as a small child. Not sure how any of it happened actually. The wheels got put on to compensate for lack of ice time.

Best Skating Memory:

...definitely not the Hamburger show.

What do you do other than skating:

I'm the president of the Kinesiology Association of NS (KANS), I have an unhealthy obsession with campfires, and I ride my little xt250 on nice days.


I've never seen that Tiger King show


Also known as Coffin, Steph founded Coffin Skate after seeing the need for a retail roller skate shop while working with the local roller derby league, Anchor City Rollers! Steph coordinates the community aspects of the shop, such as rollouts, discos, workshops and fundraisers! Steph’s love of roller skating exceeds no bounds, and she loves to see more people getting on eight wheels!


Fran is our retail store manager! She’s the friendly face behind the counter whenever you stop into the shop! Fran also makes sure that we have the latest gear and helps keep the store from burning down 😅



Slurm is our merchandise and marketing coordinator! He designs all of our logos and apparel, and runs our social media accounts. Lately he has been busy working on custom apparel projects for other local businesses as well as new Coffin Skate designs!


James is our resident master builder! A finished carpenter by trade, he has designed and built all of the store fixtures in the shops over the years. He is also the expert for skate maintenance and custom skate setups! 🛠