Years Skating:

 3 (park skating 1)

Skating Style:

 Transition, flatground, goofy gymnastics on skates, does getting air count?

Favourite Skate Moves:

Official trick names are not my strong suit, so here’s my best effort at naming the tricks I enjoy! On a halfpipe -  one-footed toestop stalls, fakie 180s on the transition, Marilyn stalls, jumping carves. On flat/street: curb half cabs, 5050s, getting air/180s and skate grabs off whatever I can, skate wall taps, handstands on wall back to skates, jumping over skateboards, however I can make quarantine skating fun these days!

Skate Goals:

I’d love to one day be able to make 360s, twirls and grinds/stalls look as easy as some do! Also would like to become a more fluid dance skater, maybe even get more comfortable without toe stops, gaining that edge control! 

Skate Set Up:

Red Moxi Lolly’s, 98A CIB wheels and slide blocks, aluminum Pilot plates, teal sparkly laces ☺ 

How I Got Into Skating:

I went roller skating for the first time in my life in 2017 on my 23rd birthday, and a week later fresh meat began and like I said, I jumped into it without a second thought haha. So I learnt a lot of my footwork and on skate confidence through derby but learned my true love was free skating anywhere I could, and especially now while I’m young and dumb, that lies at the skatepark and on the street ☺

Best Skating Memory:

One magical summer night full of Mexican food, new friends at the skatepark, crushing goals and wicked sunset drinks to cap it all off <3

What do you do other than skating:

I’m a near broadcasting grad who is aiming to be the Ros to someone’s Frasier. Avid birdwatcher whose teaching myself to play the saxophone and adult a bit more erryday.