Years Skating:

6 years roller skates/quads

Skating Style:

Roller derby/Park skating

Favourite Skate Moves:

My favorite moves are the shake and bake. The Dip and the whip.

Skate Goals:

180 Apex jump mid game. Half pipe drop in again.

Skate Set Up:

Riedell leather boot with avenger plates. I wear morph wheels because speed and agility are important to me when I skate.

How I Got Into Skating:

I've always been into skating. The years I had wheels under my feet is 20+. 
Roller derby sparked something back up.
Now to explore some more.

Best Skating Memory:

My best skating memory was in California. We were playing Sierra Regional Roller Derby. They were from Reno/Tahoe. We were ahead by only a couple of points. Our team, The Lumbersmacks, started the jam with 1 Blocker and 1 Jammer. Sierra had 4 Blockers and "the best" Jammer (for reals) . When the whiste blew, before we even crossed the jam line, I knocked that awesome jammer out of bounds. Surprised, I started running the jammer back!!! Turn 4, 3....2 all the way to turn 1. At least one of my blocker got out as we came around.....blessed be I got lead HAHAAHAHAHHA my literally favorite moment.

What do you do other than skating:



I'm a storyteller who loves to hear about other people's stories too. I enjoy learning about other people's experiences (both good and bad and everything in between)