BONT Prostar Rollar Skate Set - FX1 Wheels

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Your skates shouldn’t feel heavy or cumbersome or painful. They shouldn’t feel like you are wearing anything on your feet at all. Your skates should feel like an extension of your own body. Introducing the Prostar. A skate designed to be light, responsive and heat moldable. A skate designed for you.

The Prostar boot is made with thermoplastic in the heel. This is especially good for skaters with skinny or wide ankles as it allows you to mould your boot with a hairdryer to obtain a custom fit in under 10 minutes.

Wheels and Bearings
The FX1is an ultra lightweight, ultra-high performance wheel with a 92A hardness. The wheel and bearings combine to create the lightest wheel/bearing combination on the market. The hub is wrapped with premium high rebounding urethane. The bearings come ready to use with light racing oil inside.

Ignite Plate
The Ignite plate is now fibreglass reinforced so it can take even more of a beating. It is very lightweight and has a 20-degree action with high-end cushions.


  • Black Prostar boot
  • Ignite Derby Plates
  • FX1 92A Wheels
  • 688 Bearings

Boot is available in half and full sizes.