Phoenix Avenger Magnesium Skate Set

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Phoenix Avenger Magnesium Skate Set

All leather Phoenix boot with Avenger plate. Adjustable pivots, standard Carrera toe stop, Zombie wheels, Qube Juice bearings.

The New Phoenix boot from Sure-Grip is made from 100% genuine leather uppers with a full leather stitched sole. All new stronger counters added and a stronger enforced toe for more durability.

The newly designed removable power strap conforms to your foot giving you the flexibility to adjust when needed.

The Phoenix has a roomy toe-box to give your feet room to flex.

Tested and approved by derby skaters.

Zombie Wheels, 62mm: Hardness 89A 92A, 95A, 98A
QUBE Juice Bearings 
Carrera Toe-Stops
Plate: Avenger Magnesium or Aluminum Plate
Carrera Toe-Stops
5-10 Half Sizing Available / 11-13 Whole sizing only

Zombie Wheels available in Low, MId and Max, please specify when checking out!

62mm Max – 42mm full-width wheel design for maximum grip and stability.

62mm Mid – Slimmer 38mm width for an increased lateral response.

59mm Low – Smaller 59mm outer diameter and slimmer 38mm width wheels provide instant acceleration and increased lateral response.