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SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set

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Now featuring SFR’s Unique Impact Caps which give an increased protective area and improved quality, the SFR Essentials Junior Triple Pad Set is the perfect entry level protection set for any young beginner rider across multiple recreational sports. The high impact caps on the knee and elbow pads combined with the elastic straps give a quick and easy fit whilst staying supportive and comfortable. Certified to EN14120:2003+AI:2007 and available in junior sizes Small, Medium and Large.


Knee, Elbow and Wrist Guard triple pack

Certified protection for junior users

Unique SFR Branded Impact Caps

Soft lining and Velcro straps

Color-coded rivets and inserts


These items ship from the U.K. and typically take 1-3 weeks to order in so please keep this in mind when placing your order.