Grindstone Heartstopper Toe Stops

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Show your love of roller skating with these super cute heart shaped toe stoppers! 

Recommended for:
  • Indoor and outdoor skating
  • Skates that take 5/8" stoppers
  • Those who want to support small skater owned companies!
  • Compatible with skates that use 5/8" adjustable stoppers.
  • See grindstone bolt on stoppers for bolt on toe stop style 
  • Sold as a pair

long stem is compatible with nut and washer toe stop system, e.g. moxi beach bunny’s, darts (regular, ombré, pixel) r3, moxi panther, moxi Lolly (standard plate) Bont Parkstar with tracer plate 

Short stem is compatible with any Allen key toe stop system, avenger and avanti plates, Riedell fuse, reactor neo & pro plates