Roller Skates F.A.Q

What size skates do I need?

Skates come in men's sizes.  We usually recommending going down one to two sizes from a woman's shoe size (e.g. a size 7 shoe would be a size 5 or 6 skate).  We carry whole skate sizes as stock, and a number of skates can be ordered in half sizes if needed.  Here is an at home foot measuring guide!


Which toe stops do I need?

Take a look at how your toe stops attach to your plate.  Your toe stops will either be fixed or adjustable.  A fixed toe stop will be attached with a 5/16" bolt going through the centre.  An adjustable toe stop threads into your plate and can be adjusted with a wrench or an Allen key.


What wheels do I need for skating outside?

Durometer (or hardness) dictates the best uses for a wheel. Your wheels will depend on what type of outdoor skating you plan to be doing.  For general outdoor skating we usually recommend a soft outdoor wheel (78a) for a smoother ride.  However if you are looking for wheels to use in the skatepark you would likely want a harder street/park wheel. Please see our outdoor wheel collection for equipment and our wheel guide for recommendations.


How do I maintain my skates?

Skates require maintenance when used frequently. Always check your wheels and toe stop before skating to ensure that all are tightened properly. Additionally, be aware that the bearings inside your wheels will need to be changed when you wheels will not spin quickly and skating will feel more laboured, this happens after long usage. Pivot cups should be also be checked every once in a while to ensure your trucks have caused no cracks or damage. Please see this useful skate parts chart!

Not sure how to do something? Drop your skates off in the shop for service!


Should I buy skates with a vinyl or suede boot?

Skates with vinyl boots are comfortable and typically require little break-in period or cleaning. Vinyl boots are best for casual skaters, who plan to mostly cruise or dance. If you plan on using your skates for more aggressive skating styles (e.g. skatepark) a suede boot is an option that is better designed for this style. If buying a vinyl boot take extra care to never leave your skates in a hot car, as it damages the glue, and to wear toe guards to avoid scuffs and holes over time.


What kind of plates do I need?

Most complete skate set-ups come with either an entry level nylon or aluminium plate. Aluminium plates are preferable for heavier skaters, as they are designed to withstand more impact. Performance plates, recommended for intermediate and advanced skaters, may be purchased separately and used for custom mounts. Check out this plate guide!