What size skates do I need?

Skates come in men's sizes.  We usually recommending going down two sizes from a woman's shoe size (a size 7 shoe would be a size 5 skate).  We carry whole skate sizes as stock and a number of skates can be ordered in half sizes if you need.  You can see our equipment sizing guides here.


Which toe stops do I need?

Take a look at how your toe stops attach to your plate.  Your toe stops will either be fixed or adjustable.  A fixed toe stop will be attached with a 5/16" bolt going through the centre.  An adjustable toe stop threads into your plate and is tigtened by a jam nut or a pinch bolt.


What wheels do I need for skating outside?

Your wheels will depend on what type of outdoor skating you plan to be doing.  For general recreational skating we usually recommend a soft outdoor wheel for a smoother ride.  However if you are looking for wheels to use in the skatepark you would likely want a harder street/park wheel. Please see our outdoor wheel collection for equipment and our wheel guide for recommendations.